Wednesday, June 10, 2009

From FOI request to DCSF: HE Children Known to Social Care

From DCSF FOI response:


5. Known to social care (1)

25 of the 90 LAs asked responded (28% response rate)

*Based on the data we have from the 25 LAs, the average (median) proportion of EHE children pre LA known to social care is approximately 7%. We estimate there are approximately 3% of children (5-16 years) known to social care maintained schools. (2)

*Within the 25 LAs for which we have data, there were 477 registered home educated childrn who were currently known to social care.

*On average (median) 7 children per LA were known to social care.

*Extrapolating to the national level (150 LAs, this means around 1350 home educated children are known to social care in some capacity (6.75%)

(1) Known to social care includes Sections 17, 37, 47 enquiries. (2) Using 2005 data (the latest available), these are approximate figures and include disabled children."

Absolutely infuriating. Badman and the DCSF have bunched in disabled children, and false positive referrals, and based a whole raft of policy initiatives on these figures, apparently misreading them so as to suggest that the rate of abuse in the HE community is
disproportionately high, when we now know, through the aggregated figures from other FOI responses that they are disproportionately low. Was at an HE meeting the other day, and everyone bar us had been falsely referred to social services!!!!

These figures only surprise me in that they are so LOW!


Oliver Slay said...

1 in 7 ...
150 LAs ..
1350? where did the other 300 come from?

Carlotta said...

It's a mystery, I'm afraid Oliver. Um, we might assume (if we don't think he just made an error) that he didn't use the median of 7.

1350 divided by 150 does = 9 though, so perhaps he decided to plump for 9 instead?

Given that 7 is pretty random, being only a median, I guess he might as well have done!