Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Children's Index

Coming to a place near you. ARCH has the list of places where they will be piloting the Children's Index. Even sadder to say - given the spate of letters which clearly indicate that our family has already been extensively cross-referenced between various state agencies, our area is not listed.

Also at the same link, check out the frightening Common Assessment Framework.

"The CAF is an assessment tool to be used by every practitioner who is ‘concerned’ about a child...You do not have to be an expert in any particular area to do a common assessment. The only requirement is that a practitioner has attended a training course on completing the form."

It's done. There really is no corner of private life into which the state does not imagine that it has a perfect right to intrude on the flimsiest of excuses.

HT: Julie


4 girls and 3 boys said...

Our area isn't listed either but it should be given the way we and others I know have been crossed referenced by every Tom, Dick and Harry over nothing!!!

Anonymous said...

You can see why the government is working towards having health, social work, pharmacy and law enforcement agencies all under one roof..this is the case in Scotland , where mega all- inclusive complexes have been proposed. Nothing will be private, everything will be scrutinized, questioned and analysed. ScotXed, truancy laws, The Children's Charter(the tone of which is the government will take care of everything),The New Scottish Mental Health Act(where a lobotomy can be performed without consent),3-18 curriculum just around the corner(look for compulsary ed until 18 shortly)and on it goes...1984 has arrived. What is tested this year becomes reality next year for all.