Thursday, April 13, 2006

Teacher Unhappiness

From the Beeb: a survey by a teachers' union showed that two-thirds of their members have seriously contemplated leaving the profession and one third have suffered mental health problems; the reason: disruptive pupils - all of which suggests that there is something rather wrong with the institution.

Thanks Stella for tracing the article.


Steph said...

That is very sad, yet - based in my brief experiences working in schools here in the U.S. - I am not surprised. Uh, oh ... I feel an urge to jump on my soapbox coming on ... stop ...take a deep breath ... *LOL*

Thank you for visiting my web log. May I ask how you found me? (Or did I visit you first?) :-) Where is your list of blogs objecting to the use of harsh corporal punishment?

I love your introduction, by the way. You sound so much like me! My life path doesn't show any propensity toward consistency, either.

Carlotta said...

Hi Steph..

Am a bad techie and have forgotten how to move the list to the top! It is about 5 posts down, but as soon as I feel confident in shifting it without losing all the links, I will move it back up! Will go and experiment in a sec.

As far as finding you, I know only that I got an anonymous tip-off in the comments near bottom of that list.

I knew your blog had to be good the moment it came up, since you quote Terri in your subhead!

Anonymous said...

A new ATL Survey "revealed the issues of greatest concern to (student teachers) entering the profession....pupil behaviour (mentioned by 75% as being 'very important'), lesson planning and work-life balance." Teachers who have been teaching a short time are most concerned by "methods of assessment" and "false allegations being made against them by pupils".

There are also reports on how the teaching profession tops the list in the UK for the largest number of hours of unpaid overtime and - as you point out - of people suffering, and ultimately leaving the professin, from health problems due to stress.

I could go on - It certainly doesn't make the profession very appealing!