Monday, April 03, 2006

The Value of Knowing How to Learn

It's actually not so bad having succumbed yet again to something the children have passed on. That should make nearly the full pack when I recover from this, since all of us will then have had both the influenza B and the norovirus. Oooh lovely. On the bright side Dh has taken over today which has meant that I have ended up blogging furiously, if with a severely muzzy brain.

Even given this, am pretty sure that this article on the value of learning how to think and on co-operative rather than competitive behaviour is of interest.

I often worry that HE kids aren't competitive enough, but I think I am right in remembering that Dawkins in "The Selfish Gene" used game theory to show that animals survived better with a degree of altruistic behaviour??

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Anonymous said...

A good point is made there and particularly worth pointing out for those with children who seem to have as their only strong point - getting on with people - this is obviously a *very* strong point.