Sunday, April 23, 2006

Seeing the Light

This lot at Hell's Leading Newspaper had the eminent good sense to object to the child beating message of the Pearls, so it doesn't come as much of a surprise to learn that they have seen the light with regard to Home Education.

Cavalor started:

"Let me make myself clear that I was dumb, bloody well ignorant of homeschooling save for the few negative reports that one would get in the MSM between the marriages and pregnancies and/ or divorces of Hollywood stars.."

and concluded:

"I agree with the homeschooling movement by people who don't want to raise their children to be doped up, bullied, disassociated automatons by the public school failed system which has been hijacked by pedophiles and fundies, or harm them by painting the world as something it is not (i.e. the property and sovereign homeland to be lorded over by a superior race to which they belong see Lamb and Lynx the Himmler twins). I merely think that it is a better way after doing the research I was converted from being a naysayer to a hopeful believer. So read some of the other stuff that Cobranchi, Lioness, and O'Donnell have to say, the stuff that let's you know that they can not only do a great job educating their kids but that they truly love them". made Daryl's day...and along with the news that what is still really my dog has fathered nine gorgeous Beanie Baby puppies, it has made mine!

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