Monday, April 03, 2006

Fluffy Doggy Story

re: Fluffy Doggy Story...we really are hoping for one very soon. A dog that is at least emotionally ours, (and indeed was ours briefly) looks to be due to become a father very shortly.

This 'ownership of animals thing' is all rather an emotive issue actually. I have always regarded animals who were even only briefly in my care, as entirely mine forever. The only rift I have ever had with my sister occurred when one of us moved out of Bayswater, and we couldn't actually split that particular dog in two. Sister won insofar as she got away with the dog, and in a way that I could never explain, but secretly I knew that dog was always really mine.

And it has happened all over again. A neighbouring bf and I have now effectively exchanged dogs. Friend seems, on the surface at least, to have gracefully conceded ownership of this sweet-tempered mouse tormenter/killer, unlike myself, who regularly reasserts my obvious ownership of her smiley athlete of a dog. (It really does actually smile.)

So what will I make of his puppies, I wonder?

Also my horses are going. Actually they are not my horses at all, though they actually really are and no-one else acknowledges this fact. They have found pastures new and are off in a few months time. Dd will also be devastated. It rather looks as if she may have inherited my problem.


Anonymous said...

I think you will actually, at least technically, be the owner of one of smiley's progeny - if you want to be that is!

What's happening to the horses?


Carlotta said...

Yippeeee re puppy. Ok am off to explain this one to Dh....

And re the horses, DB has found another field closer to hers:(
How DARE she only think of herself!