Thursday, April 06, 2006

End Women's Suffrage

What does this say about schooling?

As lol HT Harry says: "If Lincoln were alive today, he would be spinning in his grave".


merry said...

*thumps heads on desk and then wonders if i could have defined the word suffrage*

Carlotta said...

Yeah, perhaps that's almost exactly what has happened there!

Now you mention it, I do (just) remember those sorts of school-related accidents, ie: looking inside desk for an exercise book or something and then the lid of the desk thumping down on the occipital lobe, smashing your frontal lobes into the lower rim. That could explain it.

Anonymous said...

didn't find anything much on the link!


Carlotta said...

Did you get to the video? It's that and it still seems to be there for me.