Wednesday, April 19, 2006

My Socialisation Problem

Apologies for incoherent blogging of late: completely incapable of constructing a full sentence -the result, I'm afraid, of various forms of excess. Currently this takes the form of a plentiful supply of background hilarity which seems to have been going on for several days now. Children between the ages of 16 and 4 are pissing themselves laughing and playing the happiest game together.

If anyone dares to suggest that HE kids are badly socialised, I personally (as a thoroughly schooled person) would have great problems not being rather rude.

Also apropos this sort of thing, I'm worried we'll be seeing less of the schooled kids who had to leave just now since both conspicuously asked their mothers if they could be HE'd since HE kids were so much nicer.


Andrea said...

We've run into the same sorts of "problems". :)

Steph said...

Yes ... home educated kiddos are *weird* that way, aren't they. ;-)

Anonymous said...

It is sad, though, when the odd parent feels so threatened by home education and the ideas behind it that they break of years of friendship and refuse to speak to you again. (I bumped into one the day before yesterday who stalked off angrily rather than say hello!) The worst part of that being that my ds lost a close friend because of it and the ex-friend's boy became visibly more miserable.


Carlotta said...

Yup. On this evidence, it rather looks as if it is the schoolies who have socialisation questions to answer.

Anonymous said...

what you say is true, He kids are generally great at socialising and within all age groups from toddlers to teenages. All HE parents would agree with you.

However, i think the real proplem with socialastion is the perception from none HE parents and the media. Sort this out and HE can move forward in huge steps