Friday, April 28, 2006

Someone Write the Screenplay?

Pitching the idea (Huh? Must be the fresh air!) Anyhow:

Political dystopia genre.

Happy home educating family cavorting in fields. Cut to educrats getting seriously riled by home educating activism, decide to make HE illegal. Happy HE family refuse to send kids to school. School Attendence Orders slapped on family. They go on the run. Chase scenes -youngest HE kid eventually of family give themselves up. Children made wards of court and are fostered out, parents clapped in gaol. Kids made to go to school.

Kids hate school, foul up, don't do well. Several pertinent points about the failures of the school system made the necessity to pursue stuff that has no relevance or interest the learner, the general impossibility of personalised learning, that questions are frequently asked before facts are given, the lack of reality of the learning, the over-heated atmosphere of classrooms, the poor social skills of bullies, the overarching stench of political correctness and ethically bankrupt moral relativism (Ok, so we had better be moving on here...)

A year later, parents released. They start campaign. It starts small with other ex HEors who have been similarly persecuted. They make the case that the state, in insisting that children must be educated at school, have effectively taken over control of the education of children, and that parents therefore are no longer responsible for this area of their children's lives. They find a sympathetic lawyer who takes up their case, the media gets hold of the story and a journalist suddenly gets it. This IS big news. It has an impact for every family in the country with children between the ages of 5 and 16; ie: that parents are NO LONGER RESPONSIBLE FOR THE EDUCATION OF THEIR CHILDREN. THE STATE HAS TAKEN OVER.

At last the fun commences. There is a revolution, and parents everywhere stampede to sue the state for any educational failures their children happen to have experienced.

How to conclude...? Let me know.


Almost Lazarus said...

Add: When children start failing in PS, blame their homeschooling past,

Anonymous said...

Oh dear sounds a bit like lot next to my county!!!

Carlotta said...

I think we have the cards...we have to play them right though, or we will still lose.