Saturday, April 22, 2006

DfES Response

Have received an unsurprisingly frustrating response to this letter from Dave Fletcher at the Department for Education and Skills, (which I cannot apparently post here since it was designated confidential).

The gist: that the issue of who is actually responsible for the education of children is not one with which he is prepared to engage, though he is quite prepared to send a lot of information that has nothing to do with the questions that were asked, along with a number of pretty meaningless reassurances that LEAs and schools will not become responsible for pressurizing parents back into schools, or for judging whether a parent is fit to HE, despite the fact that this already happens on a regular basis.

Am off to send emails elsewhere.

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Anonymous said...

Am beginning to think A Rand is more spot on than I believed. This extraordinary lack of integrity and honesty in the communications with people working for large organisations - people who are 'in the system' - seems endemic. My dealings with administrative staff in a university encounter the same lack of direct response or cooperation.

Perhaps it is pointless to communicate with them directly and expect direct answers and dialogue as they will do what they have decided regardless?