Thursday, April 20, 2006

Shooting Himself in the Foot

I missed this example of classroom incompetence the first time round, but it could be worth a second look. Actually, part of me feels it's pretty easy to make a fool of yourself in front of lots of people, (I remember my creepy art teacher missing his femoral artery by a millimeter when demonstrating how not to use a stanley knife)...but shooting yourself? That just seems to be pushing it a bit.

(Must admit to being glad my kids aren't in classes like this. )

HT: Key Words


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the link! I agree, that it is easy to make a fool of yourself in front of a large audience, but in this case, there were a FEW things he could have avoided doing that would have averted this mess:

he used a loaded gun.
He chambered a round.
He treated it like it was a prop - not a loaded weapon.
He left it off safe.
He pointed it at his foot.
He pulled the trigger.

It could have been worse, there's a split second before it goes of that the gun is pointed at the guy on the right side of the room off camera.

ChrisF said...

I managed to set fire to my self (well shirt sleeve ) on a bunsen burner, when demostrasting safe bunse burner use to some Year 7 kids...... :-)

Carlotta said...

Lol...sorry - have an appallingly infantile soh in this sort of regard. Hope you were OK!