Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Solution to Carnival?

ATTENTION all those who prefer not to link to Homeschool Blogger (see logo in side bar for information) but who love the Carnival of Homeschooling: this week's Carnival is currently being hosted by a Homeschoolblog, which seems sad as there are usually some non-HSB gems in there.

But great news: Becky has come to the rescue at The Farm School, all links being HSB-free.

In order to resolve the Carnival/HSB dilemma in the future, Becky and Doc have come up with a great idea. They propose an alternative carnival each week, allowing the non-HSB contributors to decide whether they want to mirror their posts to both sites, or simply to avoid posting with HSB blogs and that also will mean that readers don't risk linking to HSB sites when they don't want to.

Do let us know if you think this a good idea, either from the contributors point of view, or from the readers, or both!

Please see Becky's comment below where she notes that the problem with the above may be that a divided carnival will come to be seen as a split down religious lines, which would be a shame as well as being unnecessary, given that the main point is that, whatever our stance on religious issues, we collectively oppose the beating of children. She, Doc and Chris O'D suggest that non-HSB bloggers all save up and write a great post for the next non-HSB carnival. I think they make a good point.


Becky said...

Argh. Discovered late last night at Doc's blog that Chris (O'Donnell) had written in the comments his thoughts that any type of alternative will be cast as an us vs. them scenario regarding religion. Double argh, but I think he's right, and Doc seemed to think so as well. He suggested instead that non-HSB bloggers hold back and make the next non-HSB hosted carnival that much better with all of their submissions.

To which I then suggested that we all get cracking writing sparkling submissions for the next go round, and promptly went to bed lol.

Carlotta said...

Good thinking, as imo, a split on religious grounds would be very sad and unnecessary. Will amend post above!

NerdMom said...

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