Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Child Battery Promoters Not Wanted by UK HEors

Objections by UK home educators to the promotional tour by the people at the Old Schoolhouse Magazine continue unabated. The reason for the strong antipathy to the tour remains the same: the magazine promotes books and articles by Debi and Michael Pearl who advocate the beating of children, including babies, with various implements such as plumbers piping.

It is not only right and good that British HEors object so strongly to the tour, it is now a matter of self-preservation. It has become essential that it be widely known that the culture of child battery is NOT tolerated in the UK HE community at large. This not least because of the tragic news from the US that a four-year old child whose parents had claimed to be HEing their other children has died as a result of being beaten with PVC piping.

Message to the US...sort this out guys.

UPDATE: Please refer to Daryl's comment below. It is apparent that this tragic death has nothing whatsoever to do with HE. The adoptive parents were investigated by the Child Protection Services before the adoption, so the obvious point that may be drawn from this
is just how useless this type of assessment really is.


Anonymous said...

Well said!

merry said...

Urgh... so she was "training" the new kids then :( Lovely :(

Daryl Cobranchi said...

The 4-year-old lived (and died) about an hour from me, so this has received lots of local coverage. It is NOT a homeschooling issue. The adoptive parents had been investigated by Child Protective Services BEFORE the adoption took place. They should not have been allowed to adopt. CPS fell down on the job.

Big surprise.

Carlotta said...

Thanks Daryl. I hope it is OK, (whilst not quoting you by name), to pass this information back to the UK HE listserv? It would settle some minds.