Sunday, March 05, 2006

Truancy Sweep Update

The results of the Truancy Sweeps for 2005 are up via Action for the Rights of Children.

In summary:

"The fact that the numbers have remained pretty much the same begs the question: if there is no reduction in the numbers of children stopped, what are truancy sweeps meant to be achieving?"

Good question.

It seems there may be some concession on the part of government as to the current ineffectiveness of the truancy sweeps since we gather that Community Support Officers are to have their role extended to include working with the sweeps; which simply means there are yet more people for HEors to try to avoid, unless we fancy explaining ourselves all over again and perhaps being forced to provide name and address, since according to advice from Liberty, not to do so when asked could result in arrest.


Leo said...

You can be arrested if you do not give your name and adress to police officers?

Carlotta said...

I think this is the case in the situation that the police think they have good reason to ask for it. This apparently applies to the situation of a child of school age being outside of school during school hours:(

Leo said...

That is awful, you should do something about it. :(