Saturday, March 04, 2006

Need a Wee? Not in Class You Don't.

Gil makes the right call on the story about a teacher who is suspended for ten days for refusing to let a pupil go to the bathroom.


Anonymous said...

3 points!
1. When I taught I allowed students (young ones) to go to the bathroom whenever they asked. Sometimes it seemed to be an awful lot though!

2. When ds was schooled I ended up rowing with the school and issuing firm instructions that they absolutely had to - on fictitious doctor's orders - let him go whenever he wanted.

3. I know parents who don't allow their children to go for a pee when they say they need to (and some who make them go when they don't!); and interestingly also know of some of the same sort of coerced kids grow up to stop their elderly parents going when they wish (e.g. on a car trip).

This is not just a school issue, it is just made public in school - it is, unfortunately, how many adults treat children.


Carlotta said...

Yep...reminding me of that Simpson episode when Homer wouldn't stop for Lisa and makes her go out of a moving car window!

Anonymous said...

how often do u urinate?????

Anonymous said...

What simposons episode was that

Anonymous said...

the teacher never let our class go to the toilet when i was a school.
But if you mentioned 'women pronlems' to them, they did. Mind you, it only worked with the male teachers who didn't really understand!!