Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Petitioning Amazon "Don't Perpetuate Child Abuse."

We all know that censorship, as a rule, is a bad thing, but incitement to violence is a criminal offence. The Pearls, who promote the physical disciplining of children do, in actual fact, very specifically incite violence against others. Not only that, they incite violence against the most vulnerable members of the human race, namely children, including babies. This, by rights, should constitute a criminal offence. The fact that it doesn't, is a terrible indictment of our society, a mark of how far we are yet to go to achieve basic freedoms for all humans.

How are we to explain to our children that conflicts are best resolved without resort to violence and that the only legitimate use of violence is one of self-defence when the kind of rubbish perpetuated by such as the Pearls is allowed to be widely distributed?

Amazon could lead the way in promoting this argument. At the very least, it should not perpetuate the abuse of children. Sign the petition asking them to stop selling books that promote the abuse of children.

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Anonymous said...

Businesses inevitably take moral positions on issues - they have no choice. Even a business, such as Amazon, which thinks it doesn't take one is actually taking one, since an absence of action is an actual fact a moral position.

Hopefully this petition will get a lot more signatures as soon as possible.