Sunday, March 26, 2006

Mothering Sunday

Does the UK Mothering Sunday often fall on the day that we put the clocks forward? I haven't made this connection before, but it seems somehow appropriate that the day should be only 23 hours long!


Anonymous said...

Hi not sure, but no chance of a lie in ever atm!!!
Mother's day is just an excuse for the card, chocolate, flower and restaaurant industry to make a few bob!!
However I did enjoy some bubbly which was left over from my birthday,
JFT (the cynic!)

Carlotta said...

Great that you managed to put birthday and Mothers Day clash to good use!

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy Mother's Day - I'm not cynical at all!

I loved making the card and present for my mother as a child and having the pleasure of doing something for her when she did so much for us; and my ds is always gorgeous without spending anything, generally. I'll have breakfast served in bed and a card he has made with a long message and all the appreciative things written down that he might think the rest of the year but rarely says.

And, now he's older, I even get a breakfast that isn't burnt!