Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Educrats Out

Here's the Adam Smith Blog's take on the current Education Bill, particularly in a comparison with the Finnish model.

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Anonymous said...

How interesting! And how absolutely typical that we admire a model we don't emulate at all...

Especially liked this bit:
(Explanation of success) "It is all, as that Finnish headmistress suggested, about getting good teachers—and then giving them freedom.

Ahhh, no bureaucrats. Yes, that will tend to help a system.

Only a few small EU countries actually deliver an equitable education; and these are the ones that have junked the devices, such as stringent national curricula, or central direction from state or national bureaucracies, that are supposed to ensure equal education."

I've recently met two sets of parents considering a Norwegian education for their disaffected teens; and my ds's best friend is currently in Norway studying a tremendous range of subjects in a very liberal way. Sounds good for those who can afford it!