Sunday, March 05, 2006

The Future Structure of Families?

David Friedman blogs about the effect that paternity testing may have upon the structure of relationships: persistent monogamy or polyamory of one sort or another. He won't call it explicitly, which is probably wise!

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Anonymous said...

What will be the future structure of families? I didn't get it? Polygamous families? Parents living seperate lives with their multiple lovers? It's happening now already, but I would not point it out as a positive thing.

I'm not sure if I fully got this, but it seems David puts it in an all adult perspective and completely disregards what children might want. Children are very likely to want have their biological parents together. Shouldn't they have a choice?

David talks about reproduction and evolutionary advantage but isn't that a very cold perspective? What about people wanting to feel loved, wanted, special? How can you feel special in a hedonist polyamory relationship? You're just another source of entertainment.