Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Internet Resources

Am always on the look out for any useful stuff to add to the kids' Internet Resource Page. Any suggestions gratefully received.


Anonymous said...

Oh, I didn't know of this page of yours. I will check your collection and my favourite's mess and suggest something in a bit. :D

Anonymous said...

Not much you don't have already.

I didn't see you having this one:

You probably know these already, more useful for the parent to help the kids than the kids using directly:

Sites with cool downloadable shareware: (we have full of Lua Lua and recommend) (we have full of Best Friends Forever and recommend)

I could also recommend commercial games Myst and Uru, Brother Bear and the Petz series (very cheap on Ebay now).

The Tomb Raider Level editor is free and you get loads of user made levels including easy kid themed levels with no enemies, no deadly traps and a very cartoony setting. Imagine Lara pushing blocks with numbers and swimming in a pool with little mermaid textures. Cute! :D

Yes, this commnent quickly degenerated from the tradicional educational to the silly, but that's me. :D

Carlotta said...

Thank you so much Leo. Am of to check them all out...they all look fantastic!

Clare said...

Great lists! Sorry, have nothing to add, but can't wait to look at all G's sites :-)

OT: Have been meaning to mention this to you for ages: Your blog list should say 'Atypical Homeschool/Life', not 'A Typical...' :-P


Carlotta said...

Tee Hee...Yup, you know, you're right! Atypical for whom, though?

Thanks so much for making it today, thanks for our pressies and so sorry to shoot off without proper goodbyes. (Dd suddenly gave out on us, rather unsurprisingly after yesterday!)

Julie said...

A free scientific experiment sent to your inbox every week?

Carlotta said...

I'd been looking for that one, Julie, thanks!