Thursday, March 30, 2006

The Pink Panther - Our Perspective

Well that was unusual: I mean, you must know that particular syndrome that occurs when you go to see a film at the cinema and gradually become infiltrated by the utterly different personality of the major character and end up walking out feeling as if you see the world anew, as if through the eyes of another? Well, the disappointing truth is it didn't really work like that for us today. The thing was, we went to see the matinee performance of the new Pink Panther movie, and for most of the time we felt that there was absolutely nothing new for us here.

We tried to suspend total belief, but it was terribly difficult, what with Dd, being very slightly too light for the newly re-sprung pop-up chairs, intermittently exploding upward, and emitting a spume of salted popcorn in the manner of a very active volcano. Or when on at least two other occasions, in the calm following bouts of audience hilarity, one would become aware of a rather alarming trickling sound, which on inspection would turn out to be Dd, in open-mouthed wonder at the general entertainment value, slowly sprinkling her half-litre of mineral water over her trainers.

So with mounting disappointment, we all felt completely normal as we walked out of that particular film and set off the alarms at the exit of the cinema. This actually turned out not to be our fault, though we were blamed for it. Later on, I have to admit, we did actually set off an alarm in the restaurant exit, which actually was our mistake, brought about by me demonstrating why it wasn't our mistake last time.

The day only took on a more surreal turn when we got home, since there we were met by Dh with a funny sort of look on his face that I couldn't really read exactly. He asked if we had anything to tell him, and we did explain all about the power cuts, and the accidental purchase of a pot of Dulux paint, necessitated by not being able to get the lid back on in the shop, after we had looked in it to check that we really didn't like the colour, but his funny look didn't go away with all this admitting of stuff.

The problem is that he has developed this conspiracy type theory that I have a problem with my car and that I am trying to get it stolen, so that I can claim on the insurance. This is absolutely not true, but it really didn't help that I had left the driver door wide open during the film, and he had happened to pass by that way.

Ahhh, anyway, am blogging now as am in a state of semi-having-been-sent-to-Coventry and am currently in search of a very good explanation.


merry said...

*giggling wildly to self*

Sarah said...

me too ;)

Anonymous said...

Great stuff..
had a similar experience when we got our new car, left the door wide open, whilst peeing down in TQ car park. Some 5 hours later returned to find passenger door wide open.
Of course the kids got the blame despite them saying they had closed the door..surely i would have noticed??..
I never was really sure whether it had actually been broken into or if I had left the door any burglar the inside of my car( and my house) would appear to him that someone had already burgled me!

JFT xx

Carlotta said...

>had a similar experience when we got our new car

See! is perfectly going to show this to Dh.

Anonymous said...

*whilst peeing down in TQ car park.*

perhaps I should rephrase this!!! It was actually raining very hard!!!

JFT xx

Anonymous said...

*See! is perfectly normal...*
of course you're perfectly normal, just like the rest of us fruitcakes :-)
Oh happy Birthday as well...hope you're having a good day,
JFT xx

Jax said...