Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Comment Moderation

Just a note to let potential commentators know that moderation is still on-going and that whilst occasionally I may let ad hominems slip through, I will only do this when they are directed at myself.

I will always ask commentators to remove such remarks when they are directed at anyone else.

Please therefore try to frame an argument without attacking the person. That way we can all think about the issues clearly.


Carlotta said...

Just a further note:

Of course ad hominems are not the only reason for moderation and there are other reasons why I may ask you to rephrase a comment.

Please, however, do not be put off commenting. I am, as a rule, not at all particular, and only step in if I feel that feelings will run too high and a good argument will be lost in anger!

So please do comment.

And also don't be upset if I do ask you do rephrase your comment. It is very hard to self-edit and pick up on one's own mistakes or to see how other people will actually read what one has written, so please do not take such a request badly.

- - - - -
Other common reasons for being asked to rephrase a comment:

1. Incorrect characterisation of the other person's argument, particularly for the purpose of ridicule or setting up a false argument for critique.

2. Not applying one's criticism of the other person's argument to ones own theories.

3. Unsubstantiated assertions, such as "This is stupid" or "This isn't true" without any explanation as to why this should be the case...

There are plenty of other potential reasons for moderation, but few commentators here have ever got close to needing reminders about any of them, so all in all, happy commenting!

Carlotta said...

Just a further note to say thanks to people for their messages of support. It seems that the general, though not complete consensus (one person does disagree) is that they would prefer for debate not to descend in one way or another.

Ron R said...

If a debate can't be civilized and decent, there's no point in having it.