Wednesday, March 29, 2006

More on Proposed De-Registration Changes

So here's the case that Education Otherwise are presenting in response to the proposed changes to deregistration from schools.

E.O. has made the case that there's little point objecting to the fact that it is proposed that schools must first inform the LEA by at least two days before the school removes the name of the child from their register, because E.O. thinks that the government, who have become concerned at the number of children being encouraged by schools to leave, will not move on this point.

Instead E.O. have asked that it be clear that when parents remove the child immediately and the name of the child is not removed for two days, that it become a matter of law, rather than merely of guidance, that the child be notified as being "absent with authority".

In their response, E.O don't make any mention of the fact that the two days minimum will allow time for the LEA not just to pressure schools not to pressure parents to dereg their kids, but that it will also allow them to get at parents too, potentially encouraging/forcing them to put their child back into school.

E.O tell us that they will get on to this point subsequently. We will be looking forward to hearing from them to this effect.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Carlotta--Keep up the good work..Good to see there are home educators keeping up with the government developments and informing others. I regularly visit your blog to
broaden my knowledge and facts as to where things are going with home-ed.
Best wishes, UK home edder