Thursday, March 30, 2006

Stop the Rod UK

A new blog Stop the Rod UK is telling it like it is from the European perspective.

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merry said...

You know, there is a problem with all this, i think. It is that as much as switching a child might or might not be necessarily wrong (wrong, i'd say, the idea of an implement leaves me pretty cold), the notion of it as a 'ministry' is worse.

I read the thing he linked to by the daughter of the Pearls; she sounds fine you know, not scarred or anything by her childhood. Maybe because, i just say maybe, this form of discipline was being used in an otherwise loving household full of fun. Likewise, my hugely loved and attended to chbildren do not see to me to be in anyway scarred by the occasional smacked bottom.

But the problem of a book published proclaimnig this type of discipline under the guise of god, the bible, parenting and ministry is that you only have to get a loony mum, a parent with a beating fetish, a mum with severe PND and it can take on a whole other thing. Severely psychotic mother wielding switch in the name of god when actually she needs prozac and parenting assitance is not good.

Which is not to say i'm defending the pearls, i find most of the snippets of that book i have read abhorrent, but more to say i feel perhaps their greatest crime is to have put a tool of legitimised abuse into the hands of the masses, cradled in the notion of godliness.

It is perhaps preying on the naive and the desperate and even the already somewhat over-zealous - and that part almost worries me the most.

(And entertainingly the human check for this post is lunarzy, which is quite apt!)