Sunday, March 19, 2006

Doing the Right Thing

The blogging 'link and click' boycott of the child beaters, Debi and Michael Pearl, along with their advertisers, the Old Schoolhouse Magazine, and of the TOS-related Homeschool Blogger is spreading stateside. Good stuff.


Anonymous said...

Brilliant news.

It's sad that the one thing above all that a government should strive to do - protect the right of the individual to live a life free from violence and abuse - is something that is often largely neglected where children are concerned. This book should not have been allowed.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you say this, D. I once praised a mother at for hiding the Pearls book on her local library and I got mobbed by the "freedom of speech" brigade.

jv said...

is there any hard evidence of this tour yet, eg dates, venues etc or is it just a threat at present

i think once its found out when and where theyre coming a mass info compaign should be put out revealing them for exactly what they are

Carlotta said...

Hi JV,

Initially, the details about dates and venues were available via the TOS website, though when complaints from UK HEors started to pour in, and Heors started contacting the hosts of these meetings, the information was removed from the site.

When last I heard, several of the hosts, when made aware of the nature of the organisation and its connections, had cancelled the meetings, though others had still decided to go ahead.

TOS are now being very cagey about handing out any information re dates and venues.

There is a list of the original dates and venues in this blog on Friday 17th Feb, under Objecting to the Old Schoolhouse Tour.