Sunday, March 19, 2006

Life: That'll Do!

What a notably sumptuous day that was: spent about 80% of it being expertly pampered in the most luscious surroundings with two extraordinary people who consistently say the darndest* things which I shall remember for the rest of my life; the next 10% with the family of another person who so persistently does the same thing, that I struggle in conversation because I don't want to look as if I'm making mental notes all the time. This magnificent, and yes, petite person has given birth to the most gorgeous baby BOY. At home. 10lbs 2 oz.

Dear child, welcome to the world, this beautiful, turbulent spring day.

Then on for a delicious meal with close and slightly extended family. OK, so these lot (actually apart from the Master & Commander), do immediately start taking the piss, but I reckon that'll do by way of a day!

*Darndest: profound, significant, sweeping, insightful, miraculous. From film "Local Hero", (in an awed Scots accent): "You say the darndest things, Marina."


Anonymous said...

A lovely day spent in the company of those who are so dear to me, snuggled a perfect new life, managed to get to pub in evening and now spending day with my wonderful dh and numerous dc.
Basically a magical weekend all round despite turning 40..
maybe 40 isn't so bad afterall.

Carlotta said...

Thank you SO much for this day. I shan't forget it. And amazing re the age business. You really DON'T look it.

Anonymous said...

I thought you weren't blogging. Congrats on your baby's friend.

I have no friends nearby. Snif. Nobody loves me.

Carlotta said...

Baby just so gorgeous...and finger much better, most probably after the hand and shoulder massage, though it only occured to me afterwards that I might have alarmed the masseuse when I droopily told her that the bruises were nothing to worry about, since it was only a matter of having been punched!

Anonymous said...

LOL! Your life would do a good comic strip.