Wednesday, March 29, 2006

South Park

Ds is, as a rule, very tickled by South Park just now, so was interested to hear his reaction to last night's repeat of the home schooling episode.

The verdict: he loved it, particularly the bit where the school kids duck-tape the HE kid to the playground bench; and have actually just checked: he also fully realises that some people out there really do think that homeschoolers are nerdy Spelling Bee winners who unwittingly walk into tight social situations, and this despite the fact that all this is pretty removed from his actual experience.


Ron R said...

I've found mine have little trouble distinguishing between cartoon and real life.

Carlotta said...

Absolutely Ron. In the case of, say, the swearing in South Park, it hasn't resulted in his changing his position on swearing, which if anything is slightly more disapproving than my approach to it all...(I have a what I regard as a utilitarian approach to it, whereas he does seem to detect generally speaking a kind of thinking error in it...he may be right!)

He does, however, fully appreciate that South Park is, as a rule, very tightly written and that the swearing is only used for comic effect and is therefore not, by this argument, at all gratuitous.